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Pieter is an American craftsman and designer who grew up with an oddly spelled name. During his studies, he took a few years of woodworking courses before picking up university degrees in both engineering and education. Those woodworking courses formed the basis for a passion that would follow him from the northern forests of Michigan to West Africa where he met his Dutch wife, Naomi, and now to the Netherlands where his name no longer seems odd.

Laag 60

Designing and building furniture is much more than a skill that generates income. Pieter chose to turn his passion into a business to obtain a firmer platform for creating functional beauty that improves the lives and homes of a wide range of people. Essential to the process is a sustainable method, drawing upon the engineering background, to creatively reclaim wood that has reached the end of its intended purpose. Even tiny scraps and wood dust are used to provide heat for the workshop during the cold months of the year.


Pieter and Naomi have embarked on an adventurous lifestyle by melding together different cultures, but beyond that, their shared experiences give them a broad palate of styles and methods to select from and combine into distinctively bespoke furniture. Because this is more than just a job, extra attention is paid to the smallest details, ensuring that every piece exudes craftsmanship alongside unique design elements.

  • In Cabinetry
    Grill Cabinet
  • In Cabinetry
    Weathered Hall Cabinet
  • In Shelves
    Branching Bookshelf
  • In Tables
  • In Eco-boost
    Swinging Couch
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    Glowing Veneer
  • In Eco-boost
    Dome Trellis
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    Open for Drinks
  • In Cabinetry
    Bathroom Contrast
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    Surf Set: Knife Block and Boards