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The heart of our endeavor lies in the art of customization. The client’s needs and wishes come first and foremost. They are welcome to participate in the design process as much, or as little, as desired. We specialize in smaller pieces, ranging from cutting boards and wine racks to cabinets, tables and shelves. Projects like kitchens and staircases are best left to larger companies. If in doubt, just send us a note with your idea and we can quickly tell you whether it is possible or not – along with a rough cost estimate if requested.

Clients also have the option of bringing in their own materials with an idea of what they want made out of them. Reparation and restoration services are available as well. Craftsmanship and customization do take time, which some may consider to be expensive, but we can accommodate a range of budgets and quality standards.

To get started, we like to set up an initial consultation, free of charge and obligation. During this meeting we discuss preliminary design ideas, the budget (we operate on a fixed-price system), and an estimated timeline. A 10% non-refundable down payment is required before the actual woodworking begins.

Throughout the build, clients can choose to receive updates of the progress being made while also being consulted about small, unresolved design choices that pop up along the way. Clear and thorough communication ensures that finished products meet or exceed the expectations of every client.

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    Cutting Boards
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    Boys Bedroom
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    Workbench Cabinet
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    Oak Bookshelf
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    Vintage Scandinavian
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    Grill Cabinet
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    Weathered Hall Cabinet
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    Branching Bookshelf
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    Swinging Couch