Rechthoek 162



We are driven to create delightful end products made from reclaimed wood. Investing time and energy searching for just

the right types of wood that are no longer wanted but will produce the highest quality result is a cornerstone

of our process. For example, we seek out discarded floors, old furniture, project leftovers,

and many other forms of premium, solid wood.

Transforming the mixed bag of raw materials we acquire into pieces of functional artwork is an added challenge that goes beyond the traditional woodworking trade. When looking at the final result, one would never guess they were seeing something that used to be a scratched floor or a warped kitchen table. We apply plenty of extra time and creativity to ensure every possible trace of the wood’s former life is either well-hidden or completely erased.

Laag 601
  • In Eco-boost
    Dome Trellis
  • In Shelves
    Open for Drinks
  • In Cabinetry
    Bathroom Contrast
  • In Kitchen Amplifiers
    Surf Set: Knife Block and Boards
  • In Cabinetry
    Roofline Cabinets
  • In Eco-boost
    Entryway Upgrade
  • In Cabinetry
    Entryway Storage Bench
  • In Eco-boost
    Sawdust Press
  • In Tables
    Telephone Table
  • In Cabinetry
    Herringbone Cabinet